Gray the Great, All Hail

Moi in La Paloma Gray

I’d like to apologize for the iPhoneography, but I’m without my DSLR currently (it’s been misplaced…). So, my serious and simple selfie is me paying homage to a trendy color this upcoming season: gray (*ahem* specifically, Paloma chosen by Pantone). Designers like Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, and Chanel are giving my favorite color to wear a much-deserved spotlight. In high school, I realized gray flatters everyone. Oui, tout le monde. Don’t debate me on this– I’m pretty confident (and biased) in this conclusion. Black is a quintessential neutral, but gray’s support has been offensively lacking. Gray is just as chic, sophisticated, and timeless as black! Gray pairs with any color just as well as black! Gray is interesting enough to be worn alone like black– WE SHOULD ALL JUST KILL BLACK! (Forgive me for my “Mean Girls” moment)

Thank you designers and Pantone for crowning a worthy color. I hope with this new leader that the fashion industry will continue to move in the right direction. All hail Gray the Great!Michael Kors, Chanel, Alexander Wang

From left to right (Spring/Summer 2014): Michael Kors, Chanel, Alexander Wang.

Fashion is NOT Oppression!

Fashion isn't Oppression!My cousin refuses to read my blog simply because it’s a fashion blog. She doesn’t like being told what to wear… “All fashion magazines and blogs do are tell you what to wear,” she snarled. I responded, “You do know that you don’t have to wear what they suggest? They’re just suggestions.” She continued on and on about how the fashion industry oppresses people’s freedom to wear what they want and influences women to dress the same to be fashionable. I was totally over her.

Oui, media is very influential, but the fashion industry is all about encouraging individuality! That’s what it’s based on: INDIVIDUALITY! Perhaps, she didn’t notice the copious amount of designers, brands, and magazines around her. Chanel, Forever 21, Valentino, and J.Crew are obviously telling people to dress the same– except, NOT AT ALL! They’re not selling you a style, but inspiring you to explore your fashion ‘sense.’ The confidence you have when you have refined your style to ‘voice’ who you are is wonderful. So, look at fashion medium, find inspiration, and continue to mold your style as you change.

I end with this perfect quote from the social media-famous DKNY PR Girl: “Fashion isn’t about clothes, fashion is a visual extension of your personality.”

Fashion-savvy readers, please support me in this stance:Fashion is not OppressionI hope you appreciate the use of Radiant Orchid haha.

PANTONE 2014 Color of the Year

Radiant Orchid: PANTONE 2014 Color of the Year“It’s a color that draws you in. It’ a color that speaks to creativity, so wearing it enhances your feeling of being more creative and being more innovative. And that is so important in today’s life. We see words like that being used to describe technologies and products that are seen as innovative and with an approach you haven’t tried before.”  This is how Leatrice Eisman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, passionately describes the Pantone color of the year for 2014: Radiant Orchid.

Personally, I find the color quite charming and inviting. Because it’s not a primary color, but a mixture of fuchsia, purple, and rosy undertones, it’s even more appealing and modern. I’m definitely going to try to find some items (clothing/ home decor) of this color to encourage creativity and originality for the new year… and as you can see from my wish list, I could use some color in my neutral life. Here are some items I’m considering:

Topman rollneck sweater | Amethyst votive holder | Topman ombre sweaterRadiant Orchid Picks

All I Want for December

December Wish ListLusting for items I see online is a daily occurrence. But the month affects what I’m desiring at the time. You know, new seasons, new arrivals, new trends… etc. For this December, I’m obviously not in a colorful mood haha. Usually, I do like things of black, navy and grey hues. December’s a winter-y month, so those colors are easily accepted. I chose the most coveted items from my Pinterest. What’s on your wish list this month?

1. Longchamp black leather crossbody bag – So, I’ve been a crossbody-guy lately. As I told you before, I’m toting the ALDO bag. But I’ve been craving a new leather bag that’ll please me for a while. This one’s it.

2. David Beckham boxer shorts – These are the most comfortable underwear I’ve owned. I own a few pairs in black and they’re so chic. Yes, I used ‘chic’ to describe underwear. Oh, and they have David Beckham’s name on them… I need to buy them in bulk!

3. Magnanni ‘Donosti’ zip boot – Alright, I got these boots last December, but I don’t wear them much. I really REALLY want to! So, they’re on the list for encouragement.

4. Marni paneled virgin wool sweater – … Not everything on your wish list has to be something you can afford haha. I love graphic knitwear, and these colors are my weakness. This sweater… one day… not soon.

5. Longchamp black leather bi-fold wallet - It’s understated and sleek. Oh– and it’s Longchamp– I’m a fan.

6. Nordstrom colorblock woven cashmere scarf – Colorblocking! A trend I will never tire of. Cashmere! A fabric I will always love.

7. Topman thick thread bracelet - The little things. I adore wrist-wear that’s simple, but still makes a statement.

8. Michael Kors chronograph leather strap watch – I don’t really wear jewelry, but watches can enchant me. Especially, if there’s a leather strap and clean design.

Snap… Booties with the Fur!

Booties, Bag, Dress  Close-upI was in the Starbucks queue waiting to order a grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, and furry creatures strolled in front of me. They were the booties of an amazingly-dressed woman. This fashionista’s personality is just what you would imagine– amazing. To wear prints and fur so boldly,  you have to be really awesome, right? Her show-stopping boots are from the very popular brand UGG Australia. Their design easily adds at touch of chic-cool. Her look is something I could imagine in an Isabel Marant collection or Isabel wearing herself. Guess what?! She told me that earlier in the day she was donning a scarf from the Isabel Marant Pour H&M collection with her ensemble! Très cool.Booties with the FurBooties Close-up

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Snap… Fur the Love of Winter

Fur VestWintertime is also known as fur season. Well, it’s not actually referred to as fur season, but which other season can you really wear it? This wine-colored fur vest unexpectedly distracted me from a street performance, which was quite entertaining (a guitar/violin duet!).  The color was uncommon and edgy, enchanting me to gaze at it… I was tempted to touch it. When I asked her where she got the luxe-looking fur vest, I imagined she would name some high-end retailer. Non. Forever 21. Oui, it was bought at a reasonable price. I was in shock! You can find her vest here. Faux is the way to go if you’re not a fan of wearing real fur. And this faux fur vest of this quality and great price is definitely worth having. Her total look was all about showcasing each accessory using various textures and colors.Fur Vest LookAccessories Close-up

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Materialistic Mayhem

Materialistic MayhemHow did I become such a materialistic slore?! Sorry, I try to blog using appropriate language, but I’m having type vomit (similar to word vomit). My love for fashion and appreciation for beautiful things has created a conundrum. I adore and crave designer everything, but at the same time I feel ashamed. Designers aren’t telling me I need to wear their clothes. I blame it on fashion bloggers. Can I do that? I recently read the article Something Is Rotten in the State of Fashion Blogging on  the fashion blog Dressful. Wow– it made me feel like terrible person. I started a fashion blog to support individuality and creativity through fashion. I’ve always been an outcast and fashion has always been my outlet of expression. So, isn’t it wrong that I mainly focus on designer brands? But I DO truly appreciate the brands, and my personal blog should express that. Right? My adoration comes from fashion magazines, which is a periodical of luxury (mostly unattainable by most people). So, I am sharing what I truly have a taste for. Do you see how I’m torn? Oh là là

I’ve been afraid to post personal style because popular bloggers are ALWAYS wearing designer labels or shooting photos of people who are. Seriously? That type of influence on least known bloggers like myself and those who are new is infectious. If I post my personal style, I want to be wearing all designer clothes. Why? Because that’s what the other fashion bloggers do, and they look fabulous. Once blogging turned into this marketable industry, affluent style became standard. It’d be nice to share my personal style, the visual representation of myself, but I’d feel it would not make the greatest impression because I’m not wearing at least $5,000 worth of apparel. I’m probably saying all of this because I’m jealous… Maybe, the problem is I want to be a POPULAR blogger. Whoa. Well, I do want to be decked out in luxury, too! (Send me free stuff? I’ll wear it and write an amazing review hehe)

Is anyone else struggling with fashion blogging and materialism?

Please forgive me for this blubbering bipolarity of a post. I’ll try to resolve myself properly in another. *I LOVE Bryan Boy!*