Couture Challenge: Fall 2014

Another couture season has graced us with its magic. Many people (mes amis) regard it as outlandish and/or beautiful fashion that no one but celebrity fashionistas like Lupita Nyong’o, Rihanna and Anna Wintour get the privilege to wear– and that is most likely correct. However, I have challenged myself to placing a few couture creations in a “normal” woman’s life. Let’s make haute couture relevant, shall we?

Couture Fall 2014: Chanel, Giambattista Valli, Valentino.

From left to right: Chanel, Giambattista Valli, Valentino.

Donning couture when toasting at a white attire fête (Chanel), strolling through an art gallery (Valli), and mingling at an upscale bar (Valentino). How did I do? You can see all of the Paris Couture Fall 2014 collections at

Head Over High Heels for Pointed-Toe Pumps


So, I love pumps.Pumps - Fashion - Terry Tucker

My admiration most likely alerted the wearer of these high heels, for I creepily followed her around Nordstrom to get a look at them for every angle. Where did she get them? “At a shop in Milan,” she smiled. Instantaneously, the shoes became more precious– they traveled all the way from Milano to see me! I complimented them with restraint, and asked to take a photo to as a souvenir. Her glowing face expressed , “I have the prettiest heels in the land!”

If I were a high heels wearer, I would wear pointed-toe pumps everywhere every day! To work and to play, to dress up and dress down. They are so chic, so classic and so versatile. I don’t understand why I’m not seeing more women wearing these shoes. Do they only make special appearances at a soirée or at the office or on celebrities?

Lupita Nyong'o, Rihanna, Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Olsen in Pumps at Miu Miu Fashion Show

Photo Credit: US Weekly

Do you wear pointed-toe pumps? If oui, when? If non, why not?

P.S. Bonus Question: Is it possible to wear them all of the time (to please me)?

COS Launched Online Shopping in U.S.

COS stylish fashion online shopping site now in USThose of you in Europe can scroll down to another article, this won’t excite you. For everyone in the US, COS is now available to shop in the US! I remember my first visit to the COS store on Regent Street in London– it was love at first sight! I was complimenting every piece of clothing and accessory– in my head, of course. This is a great day for our nation (or maybe just moi).

COS stylish fashion online shopping site now in USCOS, H&M’s minimalist, higher-end sister brand, offers men and women modern classics and good quality at an affordable price. This line isn’t disposable like trendy brands, you can keep things you buy for years to come. To celebrate the arrival in the US, the site is offering 25% off to new shoppers until June 7, as well as free shipping until June 30. Physical stores are planned to open in New York and Los Angeles… so excited!

Head over to the COS, and tell me what you think!

Warby Parker Summer 2014 Glasses Collection

Warby Parker Summer 2014 Eyeglasses Sunglasses CollectionYesterday was an ode to glasses. So, today is the perfect day to share the Warby Parker Summer 2014 collection released today! For those of you who are not familiar, Warby Parker is a vintage-inspired eyewear company that offers boutique-quality eyeglasses and sunglasses to men and women at affordable prices.

Warby Parker sunglassesAs we all know, glasses are now fashion statements. Warby Parker gives you a great variety of the face accessory this summer. Visit their website to view the collection ranging from chic to rad for only $95 a pair. You can head over to one of their showrooms or order glasses to try on with the home try-on program for free! If you make the smart decision to buy your next pair from WP, your purchase will provide someone in need with their own pair. How sweet! I guarantee you will find something you like in this collection (because I’m hard to please and was pleased).

Now, let’s meet my favorite pairs of glasses from the summer collection:

The Duval in whiskey tortoise. Shop it here.Duval Optical Whiskey Tortoise Eyeglasses - Warby ParkerThe Crane in revolver black. Shop it here.Crane in Revolver Black Glasses - Warby ParkerI’ll have to order them to try on first to see which best fits me. Maybe both will flatter my face– we’ll see! After you visit the collection, come back and tell me what you think of it. Which pair fits your style?


Style on Your Face: An Ode to Glasses

Woman in Stylish Eyeglasses

When I began wearing glasses in the third grade, I never imagined those bully magnets to become the fashion statement they are now for me (and everyone else!). In this era, eyewear is integral to your personal style– prescription or not, it’s an accessory. Generally people recognize you by your face, so eyeglasses become part of your brand and identity. Thanks to the accessory’s popularity, there are a plethora of places to find the right pair for you online and in stores.  Sunglasses are not as strict because you don’t wear them all of the time, unless you live in LA (and sunglasses are your signature in your personal branding). But selecting them should impart the same selectivity as choosing eyeglasses. You are protecting your eyes, but you want to flatter your face and look like a celeb on summer vacation. Perusing the French Quarter, my four eyes were delighted by the great array of sunglasses and eyeglasses being modeled on the streets.

Women wearing stylish summer sunglassesWoman in Stylish Sunglasses

Vogue’s Affordable Spring Fashion Guide: 100+ Under $100

Vogue Spring Fashion Guide Favorites

During each season, we like to update our style sometimes and voilà, it’s spring! So, if you’re looking to refresh and still have money to survive, start with the Vogue’s 100+ under $100 guide. Vogue’s biannual list offers a look at the spring pieces inspired by runway collections and the magazine– yes, very trendy items. Don’t worry, I am not trying to trick you into following spring trends (doing so can be ridiculous… let’s discuss following fashion trends later). These are high quality products at a a great price, which is why I am doing such promotion. Head over to to view the entire slideshow or review in categories. Click-through to see what fits your style or inspires you. According to a list on the Harper’s Bazaar site, my minimal style would classify me as a “Céline Classicist.” It’s definitely reflected in my top picks from the list (above image). Find anything that you could add to your wardrobe?